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Health Plan Enrollment

We ensure that all health care providers we work with are up to date in not only their certifications but also licensing, CAQH, health documents, and much more.   We help providers enroll and stay up to date in being with their desired Insurance networks.

Patient Registration

RhinoMDs has a team dedicated to patient enrollment.  We’ve stream-lined the process so that it doesn’t require vast amounts of communication between patients and a “to-be” provider. Keeping a list of active patients.

Practical Scheduling

In today’s world people are always on the run and need everything at their fingertips. With our scheduling abilities, we can maintain a conducive workflow for health care providers and our  patients Keeping a clean and organized schedule of appointments and quickly accommodating Cancellations or those who don’t show up. .


Helping to keep the world at their fingertips, we can give patients effective reminders of their appointments. This helps patients not only remember their appointment but brings them in earlier. Keeping your facility busy and minimizing your downtime.

Data Entry

Having to continuously enter medical data into your system is quite tiring and
repetitive when you’ve seen patients all day. Here at RhinoMDs we extend our services to you, helping to input the medical data for you. Having a strong team that is dedicated to ensuring that EOBs, Charge Entry and even Demographic Entry is recorded and correct.

Benefits Verification

Patients being ineligible for services is the most disruptive part of your Cash Flow. When we’ve stream-lined our process to maximize your productivity only for a patient to not be eligible for their benefits due to a modified plan or even having that plan being terminated, it hurts your efforts. Here at RhinoMDs, we have the capability to dramatically decrease these inconveniences. Having a team dedicated to ensuring the patients we work with are always eligible for benefits and tracking the daily progress. This helps to keep ineligibility claims to a minimum.


We can help with any authorization for insurance companies, bringing your time dedicated to calls to an all time low. Our agents are able to call insurance companies on your behalf, keeping your time wasted on phone calls to a minimum.  Additionally, we are able to help fulfill all requests to be authorized by an insurance company. Communicating effectively with health care providers to ensure all documentation is correct and presentable. .

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